Yarnies: I need Your Help

Yarnies (and small shops too), I need your help, and want to help you in the process! Midnightsky Fibers sells super awesome knitting patterns for handspun yarns and small amounts of handpainted yarns. They are designed to be quick to knit, not take much yarn, and are PDF downloads.

But here's the thing. I can't make enough yarn to REALLY make TONS of awesome kits, nor do I want to. And the patterns work well for many different types of handspun- thick and thin, coils, novelty, art, singles, plys, small skeins of handpaints...That's where you come in. Help me sell more patterns so you can sell more yarn!

So here's how you can help:
If you make handspun or handpainted yarn, you can sell Midnightsky Fibers patterns. You can recommend them with yarns, make kits with them, teach classes, or just sell the patterns.

There are two ways to sell Midnightsky Fibers patterns: 
1. Wholesale- if you are a small shop and want to be able to print out the patterns to sell, have them in your online shop (etsy, anywhere you need to have an inventory), or include them in a kit, you need a wholesale account.

2. Affiliate- fancy way of saying you refer people to Midnightsky Fibers patterns and get a portion of the sale for each one that you sell. But this is different. You can link to to the patterns as a recommendation (the usual way affiliate works, for places like twitter, etsy, etc) OR you can add the pattern to your shop or blog.

Here is what I am doing to help:
First, Wholesale: There are no pattern minimum purchases. Patterns are instant downloads- no waiting for patterns to arrive, you can keep them digital and sell the PDFs, or you can print them out. Wholesale accounts get their own newsletter about product updates.

Affiliate: Unlike most affiliate programs where you get less than ten percent,  you get 40% of the pattern sale. It's a really easy way to boost sales of handspun yarn too- people like to know what they can make with handspun yarn. Affiliates also have their own newsletter (sign up for the newsletter and I will update you as an affiliate after you sign up), so you will get shop updates of new products and ideas for how to sell the patterns.

There is an entire section about being an affiliate for Midnightsky Fibers patterns. It includes ways to list the patterns, tutorials to walk you through becoming an affiliate, and more helpful information, like pattern recommendations by yardage, so it is easy to figure out what patterns go with what yarn you are making.

Here's how to do it:
Wholesale: Info for wholesale accounts.
Affiliate: Read the affiliate page then sign up at Ejunkie.

Why? Not all yarnies are pattern designers, and even if they are, not everyone wants to or has the time to spend designing patterns for handspun. There is huge competition for selling handspun yarns, so now just making and listing handspun (or even handpainted) yarns isn't enough. While patterns do not generate a huge income for most stores, they are a low cost way to add to sales, and pattern recommendations help encourage people to buy yarn!

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