First Snow!

 We had the first snow of the season here in Mukilteo! We don't get much snow, so even a few inches is quite novel (and cause of quite a bit of panic!)

It is perfect weather to wear all of my favorite  hand knit items all at once.

Joey has been quite busy birdwatching! We have dozens of birds on normal days, many many more when it snows. All the cats have been glued to the windows, chirping. 

Interview with Liberty- Better Know a Designer Series

(my current fave wrist warmers)

Check out the interview I did with Liberty as part of her Better Know a Fiber Artist series interviewing designers. Thanks for interviewing me, Liberty!

Cables & Garter

 I am so so close to finishing my sweater in Stonehedge Shepard's Wool...just another couple inches on the sleeve until I am done!

I won't make it with this ball of yarn though- I will have to wind another just for a few yards.  The skeins are 250 yards, and I got enough to make a sweater plus hat and scarf or mittens if I wanted, so I am thinking I might need a hat in the cable pattern as well.

There are a LOT of button holes. Spaced about an inch and a half apart, since I hate it when the front gaps when there is zero or negative ease. I ordered shell buttons in a variety of shapes, 20 (or more) of each to try them out.
The sleeves are straight and untapered since they are 3/4 sleeves that are fairly fitted.