Fresh Garbanzo Beans and Water Chestnuts

Fresh garbanzo beans! I couldn't resist, you hardly ever see them!

I roasted and ate mine like I do edamame. I decided that peeling them would be a pain, and boiling was out since I didn't want to end up with hot water filling the pods and squirting out at me (or making them mushy).

And fresh water chestnuts! Yum! So much sweeter than the canned. I didn't realize how sweet they would be until peeling all of them and adding them to the stirfry. I love sweet, but it was a bit of water chestnut overkill!

Micro greens. Grown in apartment (well, on the balcony, really!). Alfalfa, clover, lettuce, chia. I was experimenting with a system that had water on the bottom that got drawn up to a layer of yarn scraps instead of the usual soil. Since I am just growing tiny greens that are little more that sprouts, only a tiny tiny bit of soil is really necessary. Got the idea from people who were growing tomatoes to show how doubling buckets with holes drilled in one could be used to conserve water and good soil. 

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