Hankies continued- natural dyeing


After mordanting the handkerchiefs are dyed after more rinsing to make sure mordant isn't left in- that makes the dye not stick as well. While I am using a small pot here, usually I use a giant canning pot. I started by dyeing the hankies with madder- which looks rusty and brown/orange before the color takes. But makes a red-orange like this:

From left to right: brown alpaca, white mohair, white wool all dyed in the pot together with madder (alum mordant of course).

After more rinsing the hankies are dyed again in logwood and allowed to sit overnight to absorb color better.

And here they are:

You can see that the colors of the two are different, as is the color for the lace- but it is much more pronounced on the one.


The darker one happens to be a bit thicker that the other. No idea of the fabric content, the main sections both feel like cotton, but I wasn't about to do a burm test on them!


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