I think I am officially in love with Portland! Don't get me wrong, I love Seattle too, but Portland seems like such a nice city that still has all the amenities of a place like Seattle but the vibe is more laid back.

We left midday last Wednesday as soon as J was able to get all the signatures needed to turn in his thesis- finally! Our schedules have been so crazy these last months that I haven't been able to ever go down to Portland with J before- but now he is living back in Oregon until he finds a job, so I see more trips there in the near future!

We had a great time in Portland. We:
-Saw the new Harry Potter movie- we made sure to go when there would be minimal kids. Good, but not as good as some of the others.
-Climbed a mountain. We had intended to go camping and had all the camping stuff in backpacks and were halfway up a realllllly steep trail before realizing that there was no way we would make it up in time since we left later in the day than intended. Hiking reminds me how little muscle I have- J was not even tired out and I was just dying.
-Climbed sand dunes.
-Drove down the Oregon coast (to go to a brew pub!)
-Ate crayfish(well, I didn't being vegetarian) and tons of other good foods.

Of course, I checked me email only once and did NO work while I was down there, so now it is time to buckle down. I have a huge site update coming up!

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