Dyeing Hankercheifs


The Fremont Sunday Market always has an interesting selection of used and vintage goods- so imagine my excitement at finding vintage hankies for about $1 each- usually around here they run $4 and up, even for the plain ones! Now since I am actually using these, I select mine more for the thin fabric so they fit nicely in to pockets.


I decided to dye these to test a kit I am planning to put together- I want to offer a kit for people who want to try their own natural dyeing for yarns and fibers, but it will work on fabrics, clothes, etc too. Anyways!


I dyed just two hankies, just ones with separate lace borders since I wanted to see how the lace parts would dye up differently.

I started by scouring the hankies with soap to make sure there was no oil or other stuff on them that would prevent good dyeing, then let them soak.


After soaking (and no, I don't know why this turned out pink in the photo, as they are white) the hankies are mordanted, which allows them to absorb dye better and makes them more lightfast.

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