Noro Silk Garden Sock: A Year Later

 Noro Silk Garden Sock is a lovely yarn- silk and wool, tweed, and lovely color variations. The only hesitation? It is just 1 ply (aka a single). Singles sometimes don't wear as well for knitted items that receive heavy wear. That didn't stop me from knitting a pair awhile back. So often you only see the pretty, stylized item right after it is knit. So I thought I would show you how well these socks held up.
 For a single ply yarn, the socks have held up quite well. I have a small, 1 cm hole in the bottom of the sock. Probably where I caught a strand of yarn on something and it broke. The good news? Even though the yarn doesn't wear nearly as well as a multi ply yarn would, it is wool, so the hole felted and stopped unravelling (one of the reasons I prefer regular wool to superwash!). Edges and the back of the heel have also felted slightly, which will help keep any future holes from unravelling much.


Anonymous said...

I have a pair of socks from Noro silk garden (in fact, I'm wearing them right now), and I love them!
When I made them, I had no idea about singly ply, superwash and other socky workings, and mine have felted a lot more than yours.
That might or might not be because I wash them in the machine ... *cough*.
Anyhow, they're great, other than the felting no signs of wear whatsoever.

eberharddaffern said...

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