My Everyday Sweater

Few sweaters in my house get as much wear as this one. It's modified from the baby sweater 1290 Rutelilje from the book Dalegarn #8101, Favorite Baby Designs. I used Dalegarn Baby Ull to make the sweater, and it has held up beautifully- a bit pilled now after several years, but considering that this is one of the few sweaters that goes in both the washer and dryer in my house, I don't mind the slight pilling. Hard to believe I made it so long ago- back when I still worked in a yarn store!

This sweater is the perfect everyday sweater for me. The gauge is small enough it is light weight, but not so small (like many commercial cardigans) to show cat claw marks, knitting needle gouges, or holes from where I pin locking stitch markers to the edge of a sweater while I am working. It has 3/4 sleeves so I don't have to push sleeves up out of the way, and is light enough that I can wear it indoors. The yarn is dark and washable. While I don't mind most non superwash yarns (in fact, prefer them to most washable ones), it is handy to have a sweater I can throw in with the rest of the laundry when I spill coffee on it (again).

The fit of the sweater works well for me too. There is 4 inches or so of ease in the body and 1-2 in the sleeves, so I can wear it with a variety of Tshirts and layers underneath. Yoke shaping works well for me (and I love the simple design). Waist shaping placed 1 inch away from each side seam give it a more tailored fit, while picot hems line all the borders- I even made buttonholes that go through 2 layers of fabric so I could have a picot button band. Lots of buttons so the sweater doesn't get distorted when it is closed. 

In other words, perfection in sweater form. For now anyways!

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