Boating Trip: Westview, Prideux Haven, and Cortes

 Westview/Powell River is a pretty uneventful place (sorry Westview, but you do have potential!). I finished one sock and started the second.

These socks are in Cascade Heritage Silk (pattern as yet unpublished, but someday!)

 I love socks with easy to memorize patterns and basic ribbing at the top.
 I really REALLY love the texture of these socks. They also have an unusual heel construction to incorporate the texture in the heel (part of why there isn't a pattern yet).

 See? The heel is so SO pretty!
From Westview we went to Prideux Haven- another very popular spot for boaters where we always seem to know a ridiculous amount of people (not that I am complaining! That makes it interesting).

 More kayaking- the one in the back that I am in is foot pedal powered!

 Boat kitchen- yep it is small, but it works better than you would think! I am making flat bread to go with lentils.

 A kindle was the #1 choice for reading on the boat- and had way better (and free!) internet in many places than phones.
From Prideux we went to Cortes...
 ...and family members picked a huge amount of huckleberries. They were everywhere!

 Can you guess what I am knitting here? Hint- it is from a new garter stitch book.

The beaches on Cortes are small and rocky.
...but the side walls are easy enough to climb up (about 30 feet up here!).
And yes, I am knitting socks. Back and forth. But with modifications to the pattern to add the toe in at the same time.

 (See the rest of the boating pictures here)

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