Boat Trip- Cabbage Island, BC, and Casting of For the First Pair of Socks for the Trip

This summer we headed from Seattle  to Canada for 3 weeks on the boat. As usual, I packed more knitting than clothes. I turned my phone off, checked my email only occasionally (instead of the usual 12+ times a day!), and read more books than should be humanely possible. For most of the trip we were in or near Desolation Sound.

 The first stop on the boat trip was to Cabbage Island, just on the other side of the border. We are lucky we have Nexus cards, which allow us to go between the US and Canada (even with cats on board) with just a phone call.
 We took my parent's cats with us- they are Max and Snip, and are both Ragdolls. My cat doesn't get to come- he doesn't travel well, and the loud boat engines would scare him.  Max (above) and Snip just spend most of the day sleeping- don't even try and escape off the boat.
 Starting a hat, and yes a dinghy lives on top of the boat (in the back behind my knitting). For longer trips like this one we also tow a larger (non inflatable) dinghy as well, since 4 people is a tight fit on the small one.

 Casting on for socks in Cascade Heritage Silk.  This is also the setup for the video on how to prevent twists when you join to knit in the round.

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