Knitters- on Google+, Now What? 10 Things to Do Now That You Have Joined

First, you can find me on Google Plus as Jenn Wisbeck. You should add me, cause G+ is awesome.

Seems like everyone on twitter is wondering- now what? So knitters, here it is. There still aren't a ton of people on G+, and it is still hard to find crafty people there.

1. Add your real name on twitter, so other people can find you on g+.
Unless people happen to be able to guess your first and last name (from facebook), it is hard to find you- assuming they even know you exist.

2. Start posting pics of knitting 
Unlike twitter, it is easier to track a conversation about knitting, techniques, etc.

3. Make a circle for knitting/crochet people

4. Ask questions- it is easier to follow discussions here than on twitter
Bonus, easier to post pics, video, etc of your question. 

5. Test out the chat functions
Cause they are pretty awesome! Love that I can chat with people without having to be on Skype. (Feel free to test out chat with me- although I may not answer in video if I am in pajamas!)

6. Sparks
You can add knitting (or other hobbies, spinning, crochet, knitting, weaving, etc) and it will give you updates on that topic. Kind of like crossing a google search with google reader.

7. Customize your links
Some of them probably show up already (or at least did for me). But make sure to add your twitter, facebook, blog, website, etc (especially if you are a business).

8. Your images are already there to add
If you use blogger, the images you upload on Google Plus are in your images folder (Images> From Picasa Web Albums). Likewise, you can add your blogger photos to your Google Plus albums. 

9. The tagline
...that shows up under your name when people hover on your profile pic is usually the place you work (i.e. Midnightsky Fibers in my case). So put your actually biz name, not just "self employed". If you don't have that filled in, sometimes it will revert to where you live as the tagline (Seattle, WA)

10. You can make a shorter link for your google+ page (thanks Jake for the idea)
The usual link on google plus looks like this: You can use to make a shorter link. So my gibberish name becomes:

Happy knitting!


spinndiva said...

wish I could add you, but google+ is having kittens right now :(

Unknown said...

Hopefully it will be working soon :)

Nikki K. said...

We need a +1 button on this post.

Unknown said...

I didn't even realize I didn't have +1 buttons/like on this blog...whoops. (ahem, had to go in and fix the code).

There is now even a g+ button.