Studio Tour- Spring 2011

The last time you saw my office it was probably much more yarn and fiber centric, with roving and drying racks all over!  I've been trying to reign in the fibery bits the last few months- corralling dyes to the kitchen cupboard above the fridge, making sure yarn is actually in the closet not spread about the living room, getting knit samples in sealed and labelled bags, and so on.

The mannequin is usually covered in a lot more knit items that have just finished blocking and are waiting for photos though!

My desk/studio space sits along to only wall space in my living room without windows. File containers and boxes hold all of my paperwork, swatches, electronics, and in progress work. My knitting supplies all live in a bedside table to the right, and larger pieces (drum carder and spinning wheel, plus the plethora of stuff that goes with) live in a closet when not in use, as do finished samples and yarn. 

The big downside of my workspace is that there is not a place for the cat to sit at desk level! This means he spends a lot time trying to jump up to sit on my lap- which is not really possible in the side chair I use with my desk!
Wondering where all my books are? I went through and got rid of over half my books awhile back, even knitting/spinning/weaving books and magazines. I have space to add new favorites now (if I can't get them as digital versions), and am left with just the books I actually use. You will notice the large percentage of business and law textbooks if you take a close look (and everything else is knitting/spinning/weaving books), and the distinct lack of fiction- I don't keep any book that I will only read once, and I read almost everything on my Kindle or computer now. (I also got rid of a huge quantity of yarn- more even than I did books- mostly the leftovers from before I worked at the yarn store, stuff I really was never going to use.)

I store swatches for secret projects and ideas in the file containers, plus yarn labels with a bit of each yarn so I have the  yarn label handy when I am pattern writing.

Happy knitting!


Robyn Devine said...

love it! love that you are a designer and prolific knitter, and yet you do not have entire rooms dedicated to what you do! love that you know where everything is, and you have only what you truly need and use!

Unknown said...

Thanks Robyn!
I don't have space to have an entire room dedicated to crafts :) though I have been known to take up my entire living room with various super giant looms (which is not the case now since they hurt my back to weave on!).