What Makes Yarn Vegan

What makes yarn vegan?

The difference between vegan yarn and no vegan yarn
Mostly in the naturally dyed yarns
Vegan versus vegetarian yarn for knitting and crochet

Downsides of vegan yarn
-tend to be overprocessed (soysilk, esp bleached fibers) or use lots of chemicals

Types of vegan yarn
Natural- hemp, aloo
Processed- bamboo, soy silk, nylon, corn
Vegan blends
Vegan novelty yarn- sparkle and eylash
Vegan handspun yarn

Yarns that aren’t vegan
-natural dyes made from insects like lac and cochineal
-watch out for processed yarns that are NOT vegan- ie milk fiber and sock yarns that contain an additive made from shrimp and crab shells (tofutsies contains Chitin)

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