Naturally Dyed Vegan Yarns

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Natural dyes and vegan yarns

Natural dyes are an earth friendly way to make vegan craft projects- especially for knitting and crochet!

-Dyes that are vegan (madder, indigo, pomegranate, fustic, onion, etc)

-Dyes that are not vegan (cochineal, lac)

-Modants- usually vegan (alum is the best- some other mordants are quite toxic)

Natural dye benefits- many are harvested and raised by small communities and co ops, many are organic (like the dyes used at Midnightsky Fibers), and there are less or no chemicals involved in making natural dyes.

Downsides- time intensive and labor intensive, which makes the dyes and yarn more expensive

About natural dyes and vegan yarn:

Not all dyes are vegan, others are chemical based.

Watch your knitting supplies- buttons, crochet hooks, and knitting needles can be made from bone, horns, and ivory.

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