The summer 2010 collection is here! Compiled of all the favorite patterns of the summer (plus a couple you might not have seen yet!)


The summer 2010 collection includes the following patterns:
Leaves Shawla 500 yard lace shawl pattern
Circle Vest- a ribbed easy to knit vest/shrug that comes in many sizes and yarn weights
French Press Cozies- includes both the ribbed and felted french press cozies
Ocean Liner Wrap- 400 yard easy lace wrap pattern

The patterns are all also available individually as well, and can be found on Ravelry. Most are also available for the kindle as well. 

(PS- not super announcing it yet, but these patterns are all part of the Midnightsky Fibers Pattern Affiliate Program, so if you like Midnightsky Fibers and want a way to sell the patterns...I will talk more about the affiliate program soon, but it is up and running in the meantime!)

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