Now With 2 Kindles

You can blame a WOOT sale for this.

Their recycled packaging is pretty cute! Tee booklet that comes with is also recycled paper. Love that it is easy to set up- my mom just got one too, and was able to set it up easily and she is less computer savvy than I am. have 2 Kindles, I love it that much. Actually, I probably won't keep the old one since I got the new one during the woot sale so I could have global wireless, as my original one was US wireless. But I don't know yet...I might keep both of them! I had planned to keep both of them for awhile while we went on vacation so other people could also read books on one, but vacation got cancelled due to an injury.

Feels like I have been buying stuff constantly lately, but not necessarily in a bad way. Ordered a  hard snap-on case for the Kindle  while I was ordering a hard case for my phone (I paid more than $1 for mine, darn it!), in part to protect them, but mostly to protect the skins I just ordered- rosewood kindle skin and matching ones for my phone and laptop (they were custom, so I don't have links, but you can also find them on Decal Girl or Ebay. I ordered mine from decalgirl, but if I hadn't been ordering custom I probably would have ordered from Amazon to take advantage of the free shipping since they are the same price...) I had a hard time choosing between the rosewood or burlwood design, which I wouldn't have had to do custom for the phone...looking forward to making all the electronics match!

And finally...spinning yarn and winding it off since I don't have enough bobbins. Plying with the yellow sections as coils.

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