My favorite Lunch + Handmade Crochet Lace

My favorite lunch is cheese + crackers with some sort of fruit- apple, pear, grapes. Walnuts, almonds, and agave syrup usually also make an appearance. Right now figs are in season, so I have been eating them with brie and goats cheese. 

A piece of lace crocheted by someone in my family- probably a great grandparent. I am jealous of this! I can crochet- and I would argue, I can crochet pretty well, but I find it hard to hold crochet hooks for long as I have a hard time gripping tightly (though the large hooks make my hands hurt pretty fast, so it is not just the tiny hooks! The tendinitis and carpel tunnel make knitting my usual choice as a result).

And finally...

850+ samples made! Whew! That is 850+ mini skeins of yarn (cut in 1.6 or so yarn lengths with several, often of different handspun yarns) or fiber bundles that had to be twirled in to mini skeins. My hands felt like they were going to fall off! These are headed to a couple of exciting different places.

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