Making Mini Flowers

Gotta love quick to make mini flowers in bright (naturally dyed, of course!) handspun yarns!

Flowers are pretty simple. I have been meaning to make kits of them for ages...they are in the works now!

I always try and attach any leaves as I go along, and weave (or crochet in) ends since these are so small that it is a pain to have to go back and weave in ends otherwise.

But why have 1 flower when I can have 2?

Or 4? Yea, ok, really I just had to test to duplicate results and make sure they would work again. But now I have a cute set of flowers, and the pattern all written out waiting to be computerized.

I must be in a flower theme...I love the look of double crochets as the petals, with slip stitches to draw them down for the edges.

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