Making My Electronics Match + A New Strainer!

We use these for making applesauce at my parent's house. I have wanted one for years, but they are hard to find and tend to be expensive (starting at about $50, yikes!). Found this one for $5 at an estate sale!

The skins for my Kindle, phone, and computer came! (See this post that talks about them for the details on the skins + cases).

I am hoping the clear cases will help protect the skins. I think the skins on the keys will be the problem.

Glad I didn't have to apply them to the letters on the Kindle keyboard! They are fiddly but not too bad to put on. You can pull them off and put them on again if you don't get it right the first time. I only had a couple small air bubbles on the laptop skin that were pesky to get rid of, the phone and Kindle skins did great.

Super shiny! What you can't see here is that my camera (temporarily) matches as well. Temporarily, since I didn't do a super awesome job applying the skin to it, which I cut out from leftovers from the laptop skin, which was cut-to-fit.

So reflective you can see the cat toys in the background!

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