Loving (Good Things for Friday)


-The wild roses that grow all along the sidewalk by my house. They smell 10x better than any of the roses from the store (even if I don't pick them, they are pretty to smell!)
-That Dee Williams has a new company (and plans for their original design). I have an obsession with small houses, even if I could probably never fit me + cat + wheel+ drum carder + loom in one! I read Tiny House Blog and Tiny House Design (who also has small house plans. and free plans.Little House on a Small Planet is one of my favorite house books ever, I discovered it about the same time I started reading the Apartment Therapy blogs.

-New wool! A giant package of loose (not roving) wool came a couple days ago, so there is wool ALL OVER my apartment! It was vacuum packed in the box, and expands way more than roving- which usually comes in "bumps" or other bigs bales. The cat thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread!

-Started knitting a new hat pattern in some Koigu KPPPM I had laying around. Tiny needles, short rows, and lace!
-Love that the grocery store will slice my pineapples for me. Since you are buying it by the pineapple anyways...

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