No More Reordering Patterns! Pattern Licenses

We are having some craziness here, my car is up at my parent's for at least a week so my brother can borrow it (makes going to the post office fun!), and been up until the wee hours far too much this week. That being said...

The new section of my shop is up and running! The wholesale section now is all set up for the patterns (up) and the business resources (coming soon- but it will be awesome info for yarnies*).

The Pattern License page has all the info on the new patterns. I made the decision that for the time being I will only be offering the patterns as a pattern license instead of individually. The pattern FAQ explains more fully the reasons I am doing it and the benefits, but suffice to say it saves me time and you time and money over the long run. Plus...
Pattern licenses are all-in-one. I am not sure anyone else is doing this- at least not at this scale. You can teach, make items, and sell the pattern (but the pattern is for personal use only- that means anyone who wants to sell the pattern or make items from it to sell needs to get a license)

*I am not really in to the "teach you how to market" stuff, there's lots of other people to do that! This will be real world pricing examples, wholesale sourcing, and more. Like I said, it will be cool!

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