Midnightsky Fibers Affiliate Program

Really, I should call this "why I wanted to create an affiliate program that didn't suck, work with more small artists, and inspire creativity" but that would have been a bit of a mouthful.

I am pretty psyched about the affiliate program for my knitting pattern licenses! Much like Cris of The Art of Non-Conformity, I beleive that a.) people need small armies to accomplish their goals, b.) small armies should get something awesome in return, and c.) I needed to be offering something really awesome.

C.) meant that I have been quietly working out how to do something AWESOME (the pattern licenses) that would...
+tie in with what I am doing now (naturally dyeing yarn)- I obviously love yarn, and I have been teaching and doing pattern design for years now.
+help other small yarn companies and small yarn shops, online and offline.
+be usable in a short time frame and in a variety of ways- that meant I needed a system set up so people could download the products and not have to sit around waiting for the mail- I also don't want to have a physical inventory that people would have to constantly reorder from.

Patterns created? Check. Affiliate program? Check.
I don't know about you, but I am pretty nonplussesd about a 4 or 5% commission (or worse, gift card) to a place. That is why I do 45% for affiliates. I want it to be worth your while. Pattern licenses start at about $119, by the way- totally affordable for yarn stores and yarnies since they only have to buy the pattern once.

You can read more about the affiliate program: Affiliate Midnightsky Fibers Pattern Licenses.

I even set up a page on marketing ideas for some ways to get started spreading the word! And not to worry, there is awesome pattern support and marketing ideas for people who want to buy the patterns too:
Pattern License FAQ and info page (includes marketing/selling ideas) for people with the pattern licenses.

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