Handspun Sweater- See the Steeking in Progress!


Pre steeking. I decided the high neckline was NOT going to work for me, I don't wear high neck anything since it either itches (wool sweaters) or feels like it is choking me.


Picked up and knit ribbing down the front (I measured pretty liberally here, but I did thread string through where I wanted to pick up stitches). I knit in 7 button holes down the side.

I always sew 2 lines of zig zag instead of one, especially in this case since I am not finishing off the raw edge with a cover as I normally would.


All ready to be cut...and cutting! I frequently cut colorwork with NO stitching. This always gives people around me, knitters or not, minor heart attacks to watch. I have never had any problems though!


I decided to use some crazy buttons. I only had 5 of each color, and 7 button holes, so I am mixing and matching.

Since I wanted to avoid the top being tight fitting but didn't want another button hole at the top...it would be too close to the edge and a button going through the button hole that close to the top would have pulled funny. Instead I placed a button decoratively at the top with a hidden icord button loop on the inside to hold the top of the sweater closed if I decide I want to wear the higher neckline. Otherwise the button just sits nicely on the top of the band.


And now it is too dark out to take finished photos of it, which will have to happen later! The sweater has some of my favorite- and I might argue necessary in most knit sweaters- finishing details. Back row short rows to add length and prevent that handmade sweater look where the back ends up being shorter when you wear it, subtle bust and waist shaping, and corrugated ribbing- one of my favorite edgings for a sweater when I don't want the edge to pull in too much.


Astrid said...

Amazing! I so wish that I were good enough to do this sort of thing!

Anonymous said...
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