Pattern Sale + New Stuff!


+Hey, the patterns for the Space Hats Kit and Cloche Hat Kit are awesome. But they are also kinda hard to tell what they really look like since they are not on an actual head you can see...yet. So the patterns do not yet have the super pretty pictures they will eventually have. So, here is your chance to get the patterns at a reduced price before I finish the patterns off super nicely. You are getting both patterns for $7, over half off the price- cloche hat will be $7 and Space Hats will be $10. And even better, when the patterns ARE done several weeks from now you will get the new complete patterns with the sexy pictures.

These are perfect for fall and are quick to knit in bulky yarns. Use Midnightsky Fibers handspun yarns, your own handspun, or a commercial bulky or super bulky yarn.

I will email these to you by hand, so please be aware that there will be a slight delay (hey, I have to sleep and go to the gym sometimes!).
>>Available in my shop here: Midnightsky Fibers Patterns. The kits to make these are also available as well.
There are also new handmade items- hats, even a sweater. Check back for more to be listed soon! Perfect for those of you who don't knit but do appreciate something crafty and expertly executed with just the right amount of funky handspun yarn.

More new stuff in the shop: Fiber packs, naturally dyed rovings in semi solid fall colors, and more! Once the cat stops sitting in the lightbox there will be bamboo and mohair fibers too!

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