Knit Stretch Dress with Gores Down the Sides

In playing with stretch lace I decided to make a dress. Without a pattern. It is I believe from Pantie Stretch Fabric. As the name implies, it does make lovely undies- wish I had made undies with it instead of the dress, in fact! I did made a couple pairs, and the top- you might recognize them from the lingerie post. At any rate, I want more boyshorts with lacey details from it!

(This is the back)
As you can see, I attached lots of bows. I also added quite a lot of ruching, hey I don't have curves so I have to make myself some!

To make the gored sections I started with a tube sewn with *one seam* a couple inches bigger than the widest part of me- my hips (by a long shot!). I sewed sections of seams (about 1/4 inch seam allowance, or 1/2 inch total) so there were 6 seams total, evenly spaced around.

Then I tried on the dress, pinning to decrease the the waist, get the bust small enough, and to bring the bottom in more like a pencil skirt (this is how I would make a pencil skirt too, though in a wool fabric) and sewed the appropriate sections of seams smaller and smaller until it fit, making sure to overlap to touch the original seam and make the line smooth so I could just cut away seams that were sewn over later.

The front is only slightly gathered at the top, just enough to give more of an allusion of a bust than I have! Next time I will line the lace up a bit better. Not as noticeable on a real person though.

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