The MASSIVE Amount of Sewn Lingerie

Yes, that's right. Massive. Massive quantities of lingerie have been sewn at my house. I won't say they all turned out...well. There were a few disasters, and much playing around with elastic lace. And this isn't even all of them, so there you go.

I also find that I am obsessed with knit fabrics- but I can't show you the awesome infinity style knit dress I just made because it is too big. Just barely. I wanted something that would sit on my natural waist (belly button) instead of on my hips- which is the widest part of me, and if it fits over the hips, well, it won't stay up. Even decreasing for inches to account for stretch. Oof. The next one will be more awesome and there can be pictures.

Just a basic 6 inch or so wide lace, cut at an angle and sewn in the same manner as the type you see at Victoria's Secret. This style is by far my favorite of the lot, I want lots and lots of wide lace!

From an old shirt. It was a shirt that was an off the shoulder style with horizontal stipes. Not flattering! Makes much cuter undies!

And cuter boxer style ones too! I think an actual elastic would be better at the top so they really stay up...

You may remember from awhile back that I ordered a bunch of elastic stretch lace, also called lingerie lace. I got mine from laceandtrims on eBay and was quite happy with how soft the laces were. My next order is going to be to Fabric Depot I think, but I hate that they don't have order online. They have "lots" of laces so you can get a whole bunch all at once.


They have a tendency to hang funny since there is shaping.

This is a 2 way stretch, but I missed the fact when ordering that it only stretches 20%. Which is ok, it would have made a better slip though. Though I like my slips to be 100% silk, I think they hang better.

And of course, there has to be matching undies. The lack of stretch is an issue though!


I did get a pattern as well- but ended up making a top from it that only turned out ok (above) and the panties required a ton of modifications to fit right, so for the rest I just made my own patterns. Angry Chicken has some good info. I also played around with some boxer style ones, using lingerie elastic. The top from the pattern also required a lot of mods, and with a couple other tops I made with more lace on them I found that they were not really going to fit the way I wanted without seams being in uncomfy places. So I will stick to adding lace to the tanks I wear every day instead of making tops.

What I will do next time-
-Make them all a tiny bit smaller as the lace is way more stretchy.
-For boxer styles, use elastic with a lace edging.
-Continue doing no edging on leg openings when possible (to prevent visible pantie lines!) Boyshort styles are good with a thinner lace around the edges though.
-Find knit fabric with 4 way stretch which I like a lot more than the 2
-Boyshort styles tend to fit better than messing with higher leg versions, with the exception of the ones in wide lace.

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WOW! I an super impressed. Making a few undergarments is on my list of things to try eventually. This post was so inspiring!