8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Being able to dye a TON of fiber next week. Hopefully.
2. Blackberry Cabernet sorbet. Unlike most sorbets, this one is dark dark purple, almost black.
3.Finishing the bookWorld Made by Hand: A Novel
4. Kayaking once it is warmer
5. The Fremont Sunday Market on Sunday if I get back on time.
6. Warping for my next weaving project
7. Knitting hats for a project I am making.
8. New Dollhouse (I really hope they don't discontinue it!)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Dyed fiber for a birch bark colored batt I am planning.
2. Illustrations for a hat kit I am making for my handspun yarn.
3. Read the first 1/3 of The Swiss Family Robinson (Penguin Classics)
on my Kindle
4. Plotted all things space themed. Seriously considering making my shop more space themed (Midnightsky and all).
5. Went to the Post Office in the propeller shop
6. Drank rasberry truffle chai at a coffee shop while working
7. Spun yarn- a local cashmere blended with wool
8. Woke up to people washing my bedroom windows (outside), which totally freaked out Joey.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Not need to find a part time job (mostly for the benefits).
2. Buy a cute small condo in the next year (will happen, but probably not this year :) )
3. Have a pea patch. (still in line)
4. Work for a nonprofit
5. Teach small classes again (from my house maybe?)
6. Go to Costa Rica
7. Give up my car
8. Eat local for a year and/or do riot for austerity standards.

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