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Midnightsky Fibers Moves to Seattle to Continue Green Yarn Trend

For the eco conscious crafter artist Jennifer Wisbeck of Midnightsky Fibers makes fabulous naturally dyed handmade craft supplies.

Seattle,Wa May 4, 2009
Tired of not being able to find high quality craft supplies made by small artists, Jenn Wisbeck of Midnightsky Fibers decided to make her own. A long time crafter and skilled knitter and crocheter, Jenn had also learned to spin yarn and dye yarns and fibers. Now in Seattle, Jenn says, “Midnightsky Fibers has been a great experience. When I first started Midnightsky Fibers in 2006 I never imagined I would have the chance to run a business that so closely aligns with my principals, that I would have the opportunity to do this all day every day.”

Her move to Seattle is no different. “Seattle is a great opportunity for running an eco friendly business- there are so many resources available here that are harder to have access to in other places” Jenn says. From using recycled packaging materials (in ready supply in Seattle!) for shipping for the online shop and reusing water in the dye process to spinning fibers from recycled soda bottles in to yarn, Midnightsky Fibers embraces the green movement. Her studio is even powered by renewable energy thanks to Seattle’s Green Up Program. (and the webhost is green too!)

Jenn makes these unique craft supplies using supplies and equipment from other small businesses too. “My spinning wheel was made by Gord Lendrum in Canada. My equipment for carding fiber was made by a small company in Virginia, and the materials I use mostly come from small companies- most of the wool is from the US too,” explains Jenn. “My natural dyes come from a company I interned with to learn natural dyeing that is right here in Seattle.”

When asked what people do with the unique products she makes, Jenn responds, “almost anything!” While people use the yarn mostly for knitting and crochet, , her yarns are great for a variety of craft projects including weaving, as trims in sewing projects, doll hair, or in felt. The two most popular projects she hears about using her yarn are hats and scarfelttes (short scarves). She makes both one of a kind handspun yarn and handpainted yarns from small mills.

Most people choose to spin or felt the fibers she makes, which come in a variety of forms including roving, loose locks, and batts. The batts are especially popular since they are so easy to spin, even for beginning spinners, and make interesting felt when gently handfelted in a sink or bathtub. Her naturally batts are usually wool based, often with a variety of unusual add ins. Everything from local cashmere to fiber from recycled plastic bottles makes it in.

About Midnightsky Fibers
Midnightsky Fibers sells handspun yarn and fibers by Jenn Wisbeck dyed with non toxic natural dyes and mordants using low water and low energy methods in her eco-friendly studio. Jenn Wisbeck has been running Midnightsky Fibers since 2006 and has worked with a variety of other businesses on natural dye projects. She is an accomplished crafter and teacher in a variety of craft techniques including knitting and crochet.

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