Pears and ethics

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A normal pear, A seckel pear, and mini seckel pears. Seckel pears are my current favorite pears of the moment, they are super sweet and have a moderately firm flesh.

From the depths of discussing due process...
Inquiring minds want to know- could I be legally served with a summons at my Seattle location if it isn't my legal residence (legally my "permanent address is in another city, as is...everything else, of course)? Not that I have any plans with being served with anything of course.

Likewise, how often does the phrase, "rutting like weasels" come up in your classes/fields of work? Though I would be willing to bet most people don't have to sit through classes on legal ethics (i.e. thou shalt not practice law or sleep with your clients) either. I've had Build God, Then We'll Talk stuck in my head ever since.

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Every time my mom comes down she vacuums for me. Scared my cat half to death while he was sitting on me the second time through (unrolling a new rug left bits of fiber places), and I have the scratches to prove it- ouch! Point being, that I now have a new lamp that can actually hold a CFL in it that won't overheat or be knocked over by the cat (which kills other light bulbs anyways), so I can...

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...knit on these. Preferably while avoiding any mention of the THE BLUE BOOK: A Uniform System of Citation
, which can best be described as the great pit of evil that people in the legal profession subject themselves to (o yea, and each state has a DIFFERENT version separate to the THE BLUE BOOK: A Uniform System of Citation

Partridge heels on socks make me so happy...thought he KPPPM is currently not on my best of sides. When I opened up the second skein to wind it, I found not two, but SIX ends. Six! I've never had that happen before with KPPPM, though the colors make up for it.

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