Granola Yarn

So I said I would be doing a yarn update unless life got in the way. Well, it did. Such fun and exciting events like LONG dentist appointments, drives home, not getting much sleep, and playing long games of Carcassonne late in to the night- complete with lots of Chipotle and mojito-whiches brew. POint yarn update yet. While I am admitting things I should also admit that there might also be a new loom in my household (I have impressive bruises from carrying it from the PO to prove it!), a Dorthy, so that could also possibly be the real reason I have been MIA...

While on the subject of looms, my cay *really* likes it when I warp the loom, all those carefully controlled threads (ok, rug warp) flying around, rolling around paper, then flipping through the reed- the most exciting part!

BUT! There is good news to end all this- my yarn is now at Granola Yarn, so you can go find more of it over there! Mostly lots of my handspun, some recycled and handpainted yarns too.

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