Autumn Socks

I came up with these on a whim while taking a long drive down to our annual family reunion, which always takes place just as fall is set to begin and as the last of the tomatoes become ripe.

Autumn leaves socks- the first socks of autumn. With many more to come. Well, they will be once I finish them- I have exactly two decreases and seaming both toes left to finish (I have an excuse! I can use them to teach the last segment of my sock class...those other dozen pairs languishing in the corner waiting to be finished- just ignore those for now).

The yarn is dyed in a totally natural dyebath, mostly logwood grey and a bit of cochineal and lac, 100% wool, slightly thicker than a "usual" sock yarn. For these socks I am doing them at 48 stitches around (same as I would use for sea wool or fleece artist basic sock)- my usual "number" for socks is 56, for reference.


Now look closely at the gussets for the heel. Notice something fishy going on there? I took a cue from Cat Bhordi's new book (New Pathways for Sock Knitters
) and changed the placement of the decreases- with no ill effect I might add- in order to be able to create the base stem of a giant leaf, which expands then ends at the very tippy top of the toe. Decreases on the underside of the toe mirror the top decreases to decrease to the toe, which will eventually be grafted closed. Increasing on the top of the foot and later on the bottom add to + shape the leaf pattern.

I'll get around to writing the pattern out in the next week or so, once I finish teaching my sock class so I can actually take decent pictures of the socks :)


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