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Reason #282939494943 subset j that I am not allowed near illustrator (the program).
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I have just spent hours drawing sheep and giving them little, flirtsy expressions. In pink. Now, I love pink, especially in that really vintage pink shade kind of way, but there was wayyyy too much pink going on here.

Anywho, I changed my logo to the quirky little sheep I was drawing. I was going to inrorporate a star, but it looked too busy when I tried. I want it to look more like a stamp (cause let's face it, wouldn't it be a cute stamp? Maybe not with "Midnightsky Fibers" Emblazoned on the middle of the fleece, but you hopefully know where I am going with this...

If you click on the logo above it will take you to the current version, which is probably gray if you are reading this sometime in the 12 hours after this is published because me and illustrator are going to go have WORDS now. I'm not happy with the text size or shape- and am considering just forgoing any text but Midnightsky Fibers, but who knows. Maybe by tomorrow morning I will have decided to upload my usual logo back.

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Anonymous said...

its a very cute logo..love the eyelashs on the sheep..:)your yarns are lovely