Cat litter

The people right across the way from me have a cat who has been sitting out on their balcony all day today. Joey has been glued to the window watching the cat and the birds on the apartment roof next door. He's been chasing a fly for the last half hour and meowing at ME expecting ME to give it to him.

Speaking of, I am currently using an organic cat litter- paper based, flushable, biodegradable, etc. BUT, I feel like it is still dusty and OMG it tracks everywhere. Joey is of course quite furry, with furry little toes, and I don't like him jumping up on me and covering me in cat litter. EWW. I am out of ideas though as to what won't track- past Yesterdays News, it seems like most of the other litters would either not cover up the smell well or would track just as badly. Ideas?

(as I wrote this he ate the fly. Thanks cat for grossing me out, you could have at least not eaten it a foot from me!)

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