Car Woe update.

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This thing gives me the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever had when driving. That includes learning to drive and riding in cars on washed out roads and

Sporty no? Makes it really hard to see as I reverse. Not to mention my annoyance at the "jumpiness" of the acceleration, what I think of the car in general, the scary sound it makes when it locks, or how close I have to sit to the wheel to be able to see out all of the windows. I have bruises on my knees from the dash here, people!

O yea... umm. Sorry to anyone here who drives or likes this car, but ick. A car that looks sporty but doesn't accelerate well and could MAYBE MAYBE make it to 120...if you were really lucky, I'm not sure I believe the speedometer!?! My car... well, let's just say the tires go out at about 130-133, and I won't admit to why that is relevant information to me. And you can actually turn a decently sharp corner, thank-you-very-much!

My car woes are soon to stop. Well, you won't hear my B*tching about this electric blue neon that I am terrified to drive at any rate. I'm going to be getting my car back! It needs new tail lights and to be re-licensed and inspected because it's now a salvage, but I will be able to drive it! I'll get the body fixed eventually, but it is drivable with new tail lights, which will suit me fine for the time being. Err, will once I stop negotiating with the insurance company. I have to give the rental back Monday (you should have seen the first mid size car they gave me- I can't drive anything that large [my car is compact! I've only drive compact cars. Well, I've only also driven Mercedes, but thats another issue altogether.

A salvage title huh? I plan on driving this car to the ground, not a chance I am going to ever let go of it until it becomes really unreliable. Now if only the insurance company would give me the money the car is worth so I can at least fix the body.

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Anonymous said...

I got given a car like this after some idiot smashed into mine and it got wrote of as car salvage I bought it back and now I have thisuntil it is complete. I dont like this car I agree with you completely I would have prefered a nice car to drive than a nice looking car but I would have to rent one costing me a fortune. Hope yours gets fixed soon.