Biodiesel cars and energy...

Urgh. There are two little dots on my monitor where the lights (?) have burned out in the screen.

I think we have for the time being given up on finding the exact car that I wanted to replace mine with. Now that I can drive my car again at least temporarily and actually have a rental I can drive* once I go show them my license. However, this means that we are now looking at diesel cars- to use with biodiesel of course! There are quite a few stations in the area, and since I don't ever drive outside of Seattle/Western Washington area in my car, it would be easy to find the BD, and you can always (from what I understand) fill them up with deisel if you really can't find BD.

Speaking of energy, my energy is: (from Seattle City Light

Type Percentage
Hydro 87%
Wind 3%
Nuclear 4%
Natural Gas 5%
Coal 1%

And for Mukilteo (From Snohomish County PUD
Type Percentage
Coal 8%
Hydroelectric Generation 80%
Natural Gas Generation 2%
Nuclear Generation (BPA-supplied) 9%
Other Generation 1%

(Note that I pay Seattle not PUD power, and Seattle seems much greener to me).

Now for comparison:
In Seattle you can do a Green Power Program, which I am tempted to do- $12 a month added to the bill (that would more that triple my bill) would be 100% renewable. Most of my energy if from my fridge of course, it's the only big appliance I have that is plugged in besides a micro and the stove (also SO inefficient!)- everything else pretty much stays unplugged. I have two big electric cords, one on each side of my apartment that everything plugs in to. They stay unplugged (especially the TV area one)

However, I feel like it might be a better idea to put that money in to solar power and lower energy using items (can't really change the fridge or stove though sadly since they are not "mine", never mind the $, and the micro almost never gets used, but is the only clock not a cell phone or computer in my house...). Putting even one or two small panels- enough to charge cell, pda, and (depending on type and battery) maybe part of my dye process- the kettle, scale, etc if not the crock pots (more efficient than the stove and hold their heat for hours) and so one, would still give me the benefit of alternative energy sources.

Sidenote: My organic food delivery people have several biodeisel/alternative energy vehicles. One of these days I will write a post about eating local/organic/family farm foods. For now I will leave you with the Eat local challenge- though I will note- I track all expenses. I eat a lot of organic and fresh food in addition to a fair bit of eating out and junk, and I don't spend anywhere near $68/week, and I don't shop sales, just what looks tasty (and comes to me, in many cases!)

*The rental they gave me Saturday was declared a.) too big for me to drive and b.) too was...something else. Hopefully the smaller car will be better, other wise I will just suck it up and get new taillights for my car and drive that until I find something more suitable.

Cross your fingers on of the next couple diesel cars works out for me! I want to be able to run on biodeisel!

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