Spinning wheel turns

I have just been dead tired the last couple days, running around doing errands that all seem to take place out of Seattle. Not that Seattle is much better, 45th was blocked off and they would not let you turn LEFT. Took me 15 minutes to drive around in a circle from where I normally turn to get home to get home.

My sock yarn is going to come soon! I am completely stoked to be able to start dyeing it. In all of my spare and nonexistent time, heh.

I got awesome plants. After much consulting with my mom and hemming and hawing about what plants would be the hardest for me to kill, I have several pots now sitting on my bookshelf, on top of the table runner B brought back for me from Guatemala. The table runner is warp faced with a pattern inlaid in it. I would even have a picture to show you, but I haven't really been in my apartment when it was light out.

Spinning Meeting-
I went to the Seattle Spinning meeting at the Fiber Gallery so I would know a few of the people for when I am the shop employee next month who is there for the meeting since J will be out of town. It was pretty exciting! So many pretty wheels and fibers being spun, and very nice people. If you are in Seattle you should come- I think there were 15 people with their wheels there this Friday.

I went up to the park at 60th today to walk around an area that was green. It was nice to be reminded that it's not all cement in Seattle.

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