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The colors on a computer of course don't match the vibrancy that exists in the real rug colors, which are done in natural white tibetan wool and a natural abrash.

Whew! After a night of no sleep, the rugs are done! Now to just turn them in once I can get some good copies done. Not as exciting as the yarn I was spinning last night in procrastination (a lovely white Romney that has been drying on my floor for the last couple days!). Over 22 hours a week of client meetings and work NOT counting my internship at EH’s natural dye studio that ties in with the class to produce these rugs. There’s a six inch thick portfolio for this class.

The image above it a 1 inch to scale drawing on one of the runners I designed for Layne's class. The rugs are handspun, dyed, and woven over in Nepal. Our custom carpets are for clients who have agreed to help us learn the artist-client process, so they put up with lots of emails and meetings they wouldn't have to do if they were to pick out a rug from say Driscoll Robbins or Masins (both great stores of course). Then again, they get custom rugs at great prices. My clients have been great to work with despite their busy schedules and being in the middle of a move.

The rugs are being displayed at the Tacoma Art Museum on August 4.

These rugs are so outside of what I normally do- close long term direct contact with clients is very different from my retail and wholesale site, my production spinning and dying, etc. Seems like these days I am doing more and more work that relates to fibers- I just love every aspect of it so much.

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