I think I have finally found a mill to spin yarn for me. I will be starting with a smallish batch of sock weight yarn (a cost I don't want to add up in my head!) I spent some time calculating out what the costs would be for retail and wholesale, and ouch! Ok, really not that bad, I think I will be able to get away with doing a sock yarn at 400 yards/skein for under $30, but it's hard because the costs are much higher than buying from Louet or HA (not that I don't love the yarns, but I want my own yarn, dammit!)

Though, looking at L's prices for undyed yarns, I am pretty sure I will be able to get my yarn in just above their costs- I am aiming for a wholesale undyed yarn price of $12/skein.

And it's about time for me to order new dyes. This is not going to be a good month on my business account! Ah well.

Now to finish up my my rug designs! I've been putting it off like crazy, and I probably won't sleep tonight.

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