O, the coincidences of the yarn world...

Monday, I was researching natural dyes as part of my independent study for some weaving in twill derivatives I was planning, while at the same time dying some cotton yarn and wool roving in a turmeric and a turmeric/beet bath (the beet only darkens it a bit, so I get a more mustard yellow).

Tuesday, I mention natural dyes to my instructor, who has quite a bit of experience in natural dyes. She gets really excited, and calls up her friend to see if I can get an internship in her natural dye studio. Her friend turns out to be this AMAZING person who is probably one of the most knowledgeable people in natural dyes.

Fast forward to Thursday.
I got the internship(starts in Feb), and will be working on mostly large production wool natural dyes- being able to replicate colors/hues/saturation over and over for large amounts.

I am SO stoked for this.

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