My computer has failed the lemon test of Dell tech support.

A LONG time on the phone with tech- who was more helpful then any other I've had to talk to, maybe because I was on confrence with my dad and her at the same time and people are always *really* polite to my tests and resettings of the computer later, and...

My computer is not happy! They have a suspicion its probably my motherboard. Again. And the fan, the power cord, battery, and several other issues ("t" key) all come down to them wanting my poor overheating computer back! They did offer to send someone out to fix it (again), but were rather dubius about that being a good course of action, so I shall be getting a refurbished but newer version of my computer sometime...soon. Well, I will once it comes to my dad's work (thanks dad! the confrence call was really entertaining with tech!) and I trick him in to setting as much of it up for me as possible.

So just warning issues are abounding! I might be gone a fair bit in the next week or two until I get the new computer up to speed.

My computer is still, obviously, failing and just in general making me miserable! Let's hope the new computer comes quickly!

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