We Are So Ready for Christmas Around Here

 We have the tree up.
 Many ornaments!

 I might have gotten myself a new Christmas present early!
 A brand new camera. It takes pretty awesome photos- even in the near dark (as these all are).
 The small boy on the goose is one of my favorite ornaments.

  The angels are me and my brother :)

 Of course, Joey is planted under the tree.

 He surprisingly hasn't knocked any ornaments off the tree...yet. This is the first time he has seen a tree, so it is surprising he hasn't tried to climb it!

 Let's just cross our fingers we don't get snow here, eh? I hate the cold (even with lots of handknits to keep me warm!) I prefer the sparkly version on ornaments!

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Cassy said...

The cat looks especially ready. Lovely tree!