Good Things: Winter Walk on the Beach

Good Things

Cloud cakes (pancakes made with cottage cheese) with strawberry sauce

The chance to practice impromptu portraits (in front of the lighthouse!) while taking a walk on the beach

Visiting a friend who works at the only surviving bookstore in town (which belongs to a friend of mine)

Sparkly sparkly nails thanks to a heavy dose of glitter and shellac polish


I took my new camera down to the beach to practice white it is finally light out (weekends seem to be the only time I am home when it it light out in the winter!). 
 Mukilteo ferry

 Barnacled rocks are my favorite (as long as I a not walking barefoot on them!)
 Matching dogs...Maggie and Mickie I think!

 A seaweed Christmas tree!

Can you see the starfish in the seagull's mouth? Seagulls will eat starfish MUCH bigger than this one- but it is always surprising (can't believe they don't choke!).

 My new wrist warmers! Doing their job quite nicely, I might add!

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