New House, New Sweater (in Progress)

You might have noticed my pictures are suddenly looking much more traditional- and yes, I am no longer in Seattle! I am in a little town up north now (more on that later!), up at my parent's house while I wait for a condo to close- short sales can really take their time!  In the meantime, I am enjoying being able to cook for multiple people (not not have to eat leftovers) for dinner and taking full advantage of their fireplaces- I never knew how much I missed having one!

Joey has been adjusting well- he is still getting used to the other cats, and doesn't quite know what to do in so much space. But he loves the birdwatching and watching the outdoor kitties here, and has been learning to play nicely with one of my parent's cats- the other cat still hides from him (joey is a bit of a Napoleon, strutting about like he owns the place and thinks he is top cat!).

 I have been making fast progress on my new sweater from the Woolpak yarn. The only downside is that it is knit back and forth to get the effect I want- not a big deal, but just a tiny bit slower to knit.

I am too lazy to ever find stitch holders, so I end up just changing the needles on my Addi Clicks and keeping the cord in place. Works really well- I haven't lost any stitches yet, and not having to transfer the stitches back and forth from stitch holders or spare yarn means I am not accidentally stretching out stitches. I've had my clicks (with  lace tips) for about a year now, and use them almost exclusively for needle sizes in their range- I still have to use regular old circulars for the smaller sizes though of course.

I was a bit worried the reverse st st side wouldn't look as nice as I would like, but the stitch definition is good enough (but just a tiny bit fuzzy, hiding some imperfections in gauge) that the somewhat sleek lines of the sweater are not interrupted.  Phew!

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