4 Good Things (#4goodthings) 8/21- Road Cake Edition

 1. Road cake for breakfast. Road cake is this awesome moist chocolate cake that a friend of mine makes, and we always eat almost the entire cake in one game night.

2. An awesome game night with friends. We get together and grill tons of veggie burgers and veggies on my roof, then go downstairs and play board games- currently we are obsessed with Dominion, which is a card game, but don't let that scare you away- it actually isn't hard to learn, and each person doesn't need to have their own cards.

3.  Trying Kombucha for the first time. 
I tried a cherry and lemon flavor. I wasn't brave enough to try it in the traditional flavor (which I thought wouldn't be as sweet).  It is pretty good, though it might be offputing if you don't like drinks with a bit of a tang. The aftertaste is a bit like drinking vinegar- i.e. a slight burning- not bad, I enjoy it, but it is not like drinking soda- natural or otherwise.  Will I be drinking more of it? Yes and no. I am not going to go out of my way to make it (the idea of the mother freaks me out a bit, I admit, and I it has more sweetener than I like in my typical everyday drinks, even when flavored with fruit juice), but do like it from the fermented foods aspect of it.

4. Foam board for white backgrounds. I usually use regular old thick white paper. But this is working better- at least for applications where I don't need it to bend (so as not to have a seam at back). The foam board is thick enough to stand up (with several pieces taped together at the back), making it great for getting a white background:
The one one the left is as is, no cropping or photoshop. The one on the right is cropped, also no photoshopping.  I need to get more and bigger pieces of  foam board (so I can avoid the seam as much as possible), but for me it is a great alternative to having to get a more elaborate background setup, and I can set it up on my deck where the light is best (also nice, since I don't really want to have to get lights just for product photos!).

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