Some Days the Hours of Tech Support is Useful

I've been dealing with computer tech support so much in the last couple days that I knit an entire hat waiting for them to fix my computer. Again.
 After having to have my hard drive replaced I spent about 14 hours just reinstalling and setting up my programs. I'm not done yet.
 To keep myself entertained while waiting to fix yet one more thing that should have been already installed (not terribly reassuring when basic programs and drivers are not installed that are supposed to be).
 So I created some pretty swirling curves with decreases while I waited. And a funny top knot.
 Oh, and a hem. Hems really make st st hats "pop".  The seam line won't be so obvious once it is blocked though!
Only downside to the hat? I have amazing hat hair after putting it on to try it on so often while I was finishing it. My hair needs very little encouragement to stick straight up!

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