How to Join in the Round- Preventing Twists

You know how knitting instructions always tell you (hopefully, anyways!) to “join in the round, being careful not to twist”? Not sure what that means? This video shows you:
• What it looks like when you are ready to join in the round, and how to know your knitting isn’t twisted.
• What your knitting looks like if it IS twisted
• Knitting the first stitch(es) being sure we don’t accidentally ADD twist in the first round.

Why we want to avoid twists in the knitting:

  • We don't want to have to fix it later.
  • The twist WILL show up (your knitting won't be round, it will be a faux moebius

This is part of Knit School on Midnightsky Fibers! If you found it helpful, it would be great if you shared it!

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