Studio/Office and House Tour @ Midnightsky Fibers- July 2011

Time for another update on what my studio/office space is looking like! You will notice that compared to the last tour that there are a lot less books out, and a lot more cords hanging around.

All my projects (in progress and in various stages of publishing) currently fit in to the boxes on my desk, which is nice.

While we are at it, we might as well take a look at the rest!

The light through my windows- even with the blinds closed- is the bane of my mornings. 6 am? Not when I want to be waking up.

Floors are so shiny they reflect the kitchen apron. Yea, I know, not the usual state of affairs at my house. Housecleaners do a way better job of it than I can ever hope to. Also shocking- I can actually fit almost everything (even my giant rice cooker and espresso machine) in my cupboards again! The only things on my kitchen counter are dishsoap, a knife block with more knives than a vegetarian should even own, and the ever requisite French press.

Notice something funny about the TV? Yea, it isn't plugged in. It gets plugged in when I need it to do work where I need a larger screen...almost never.

 Joey is unimpressed by the massive decluttering and clearing of surfaces though.
 From the desk.
By the window.

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