San Juan Boating Adventure

Sandpiper nest

I took a break from work to head up to a marine park in the San Juans for a long weekend. No internet. Barely any phone reception. The boat generates power (enough for 3 other boats to plug in to ours while the generator runs) that we can run the LED lights and fridge with no problem though- my favorite way to vacation.

sandpiper nest

Sandpiper nest with eggs on a teeny tiny island- they blend right in to the beach!

bioluminescent dinoflagellates

The brown water behind me is brown because of algae. In this case it is bioluminescent dinoflagellates, which lights up when disturbed at night. Not to be confused with Red Tide, which looks similar and is also in effect now.

We don't have very many white sand beaches in the PNW- this is about as close as it gets- rocky, with lots of oyster shells (though it is still pretty!).

The best time for wandering on tiny islands is low tide- otherwise it can be hard to get to the other side of some of the small islands- they can be quite steep (formed by glaciers coming through)!

DSCF6299 DSCF6291 DSCF6284


Lichen and moss cover all the rock surfaces of the islands.


The trip was a medical conference- so there were lots of doctors also there, enough that we all shared a small dock. In between hiking around the larger island people gave lectures.  Since many people did power point presentations, we had to pile on our boat where there was a TV with a larger screen- enough people that the dogs were not allowed on with us (and they were quite sad about it!).

DSCF6293  DSCF6290
DSCF6301  DSCF6302

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