#SampleSunday Baby Ruffle Dress Preview

Ruffle Dress is by far one of the favorite patterns here on Midnightsky Fibers- and no surprise, it is easy to knit, doesn't require too much yarn, and it has fun ruffley details. O, and DK weight yarn is my fave for baby and kids knits- faster than fingering, but produces a drapey fabric that using even light worsted doesn't really give you.

So just a reminder that you can see a preview of the pattern here: Ruffle Dress Preview.

O, and it is now available in print, on Amazon, AND on Patternfish.

  • Print version is printed to order by Magcloud. Ruffle Dress Knitting Pattern in Print. (PS- when you order print copies you get a digital version as well so you can get started right away!)
  • For Kindle and Ipad, you can download the pattern from Amazon- Kindle Knitting Pattern version of Ruffle Dress. All my patterns are formatted so directions and pictures show up properly on Kindle, even patterns with charts (don't worry, this pattern doesn't have charts).
  • And finally, Midnightsky Fibers is now on Patternfish- well, some of the patterns are anyways- I am working on listing them slowly. But the Ruffle Dress was the first pattern I added!

And now to go enjoy more of the Fremont Solstice- naked bikers (nsfw!!)? check. My favorite taco place right by all the action? Check. Interesting people watching while I knit? Heck yes.

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