Remaking a Silk Shirt

Ugh, it is kind of unflattering right? Not terrible, but pointed collars sometimes look really terrible and dated on drapey fabrics (especially if you are like me and hate to iron)! That's ok though, since the elements of a work shirt are there: some waist shaping, sleeves that can be rolled up, normal color, and soft fabric-100% silk from Banana Republic in this case. Seriously, I might have an obsession with wearing silk shirts! They also make great work shirts since they tend to pill less than cotton, and I don't feel *too* bad about ruining them since I can get them at thrift stores pretty cheap.

Anyways. The pointed collar and ties at the wrist had to go.

It is actually really easy to make a mandarin style collar from the typical dress shirt collar- just *carefully!* seam rip out the upper pointy section (the pic above is after seam ripping action). You are left with a collar that just needs to be restitched closed- the turned in seam is already there for you. I use what I think is called ladder stitch to join the sides invisibly. I wish I had a better way to explain it- I am a lot better at explaining knitting than I am sewing!
Tada! 15 minutes late and it has a "new" collar. This of course works on button downs too.
The ties from the sleeves (which would otherwise get caught in knitting) become ties on the front.
And the edges of the sleeves are sewn slightly together to help them roll up better- not all the way though, since it would bunch up at the top of the seam.
Much better! Some days I amaze myself :)

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